Monday, September 26, 2011


I've inherited many things from my grandmother throughout the years, but my favourite "thing" is my enduring love of arts and crafts.

The last time I saw my grandmother she was very excited to show me the afghan she was working on. It was this "new" technique called Cro-Hooking, using a double-ended crochet hook that is about the length of a regular knitting needle.

I laughed when she called in "new" because this is the instruction book she was using.

I can't find a publication date but the images are definitely 60s or 70s, so it's not really a new technique.

She was very cute though, about the whole thing. I love that she was so excited about it even at 89 years old!

After her funeral, I went back to her apartment with my dad. He told me that he'd like me to finish the afghan. When I replied that I didn't know how to do the stitch, my ordinarily easy going father snapped back "well you're just going to have to learn, aren't you".

Okay. Grief does funny things to people and he is just so sad without his "best mother". They really were best friends.

So I learned and I finished the afghan.

It really is very pretty. I'm going to ship it to my dad this week.

Hopefully it will bring him some comfort.


MJ said...

Your grandmother would have been so proud of you for learning the new technique and honoured that you finished her project. Your dad will be thrilled too! You've done good!

Debachu said...
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Debachu said...

That's a very sweet thing you did.