Thursday, September 29, 2011

Raising a winner

Would it surprise you at all to know that I'm so very, very proud of my daughter, Lizzie?

Just to clarify, I am proud of her 100% of the time. Somehow, Javier and I have raised this wonderful young lady. Maybe it's a bit of good parenting on our part, but I think Lizzie is an innately good person.

Right now, I am proud of Lizzie because she came in first in yesterday's multiple school cross country run. She was invited to join the team and this was her first race. I knew she'd do well but first? Yay Lizzie.

What makes me most proud, though, is not the gold medal she brought home yesterday, but her story of walking for a short time during the race to ensure a fellow racer was okay and not going to pass out.

The knowledge that my daughter would sacrifice herself (well, at least her racing time) to help someone else, is worth more than any medal, any day.

I love you Lizzie.

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