Friday, April 8, 2011

Wish List

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that I'm an extremely blessed with a wonderful husband and daughter, a fantastic extended family, a beautiful home, lots of travel opportunities, and my dream job so really I have no needs in my life that are not fulfilled. Having said that though, I still think it's important for a girl to dream, right?

So I present to you my WISH LIST 2011.

1. A new juicer. My $50 juicer was making some ominous sounds this morning and stopped working a few times so I suspect a new juicer may have to move from the wish list to the need list as I make fresh green veggie juice nearly every morning.

2. A high-speed blender. A recently purchased a Magic Bullet and before that I had a small generic smoothie size blender. I've been doing a lot of research into Vitamix blenders and I've decided that this should be in my home. Enough said.

And guess what? Javier agrees. We might look at getting one next month. I've been saving my pennies to buy one but Javier thinks that we may have to buy one with household funds instead. Yippee!

3. A dehydrator. Changing my eating habits last springs sparked an interest in alternative cuisines including raw food. I try to avoid as much processed food as possible, preferring to make things from scratch. I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies now, but I still like to snack. I love things like dried fruits and kale chips and there's a whole world of "raw" desserts, breads, and crackers that can be made with this little baby.

4. A DSLR Camera. It's time to leave my little point-and-shoot in my purse for spur of the moment photo ops. Of course, this will also involve learning how to take use a DSLR camera.

Mao Asada landing her triple axel via

5. Miss Lizzie consistently landing her axel jump. She's been working on this for 1 1/2 years, finally landing one outside the jumping harness a few months ago, but it's still a very difficult jump for her that she struggles with. Every time she sets up for the jump I say a little prayer for her.

6. A Flat Belly. I work out at least 5 days a week, eat very, very healthy, and I STILL have a bit of a belly. It has definitely gotten smaller, but I WANT THE DARN THING GONE.

And one more addition...

7. Somewhere to store all these extra appliances. Ha ha ha

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MJ said...

I can just imagine what Javier has to say about the new pantry...