Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keeping busy

I LOVE days off!

But we all know that days off aren't really days off, right?

So what have I been doing?


This new little steamer I picked up is working great on cleaning my grungy grout. But it still takes a lot of elbow grease. 5 hours and I'm only 2/3 done in the kitchen!


I discovered that one of our local chain grocery stores installed a new sushi bar. Sushi made to order, not shipped from 2 hours away. Yum!


Laundry stops for no one.


I've done my workouts every day since I've been off. Sweat never felt so good.


Morning oatmeal with blueberries and lots of decaf lattes


I got Lizzie signed up for spring and summer skating already. That has to be some kind of record.


My goal is to get three weeks of menu and grocery lists finished before I go back to work. One week down, 2 to go.

All this is worked between cuddles with kitties on the couch, taxiing Lizzie to school/piano/skating, and having a dinner waiting for Javier when he gets home from work.

I could get used to this life.


Anonymous said...

Ahem, don't get too used to it.

Love Javier

MJ said...

Javier is so funny. Of course, you should get used to it!