Monday, April 4, 2011


When Lizzie got a Kindle for her birthday, her mama ordered one for herself as well.

Oh how we love our Kindles. We carry them around like they're security blankets. But up to now they've been unprotected from the elements.

I searched around the internet and found some lovely ones, but when I realized that Lizzie and I were faced with a completely unscheduled Friday afternoon last week I devised a plan that we would make our own.

Luckily we have a sizable collection of felt in the craftroom so we had plenty of supplies.

I presented this plan to Lizzie when I picked her up from school and her creativity machine whirred into action. Before we pulled into the garage she had a vision. It involved clouds, sunshine, and green grass. Wishful thinking towards spring, perhaps?

Lizzie's case is on the left and mine is on the right. I had originally planned to make a simple sleeve, but Lizzie wisely advised that we had to be sure our precious Kindles did not accidently slide out, so we had to bring in the buttons.

These are the finished products. Not the "rays" of sunshine around the yellow button closing Lizzie's case. I went with a more conservative choice.

Lizzie felt the backside of her case needed decoration while mine remains unadorned.

Both Kindle cases are made of double layers of wool felt for extra padding. Lizzie thinks we should start a business. I was just happy to have a crafty afternoon with my girl.

And now I present a gratuitous Ollie photo.

He's trying to catch the snowflakes.

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MJ said...

What a great craft idea for you & Lizzie! I love the appliques!

I've been pondering a Kindle versus the iPad2. I understand the Kindle has a longer battery life but the iPad2 is so cool! Temptations, temptations!