Friday, February 11, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Okay, except for the green chair, a black garbage bag, and some magazines I need to sort through, Step #1 is complete. Now the truly hard part begins, trying to decide how to decorate the space.

Do I want to go with some colour on the walls? I've been living with tan walls for too long and I know they've got to be painted a new colour, but what?

Green is always nice. I like the white panelling detail. The wood trim in the room is in seriously bad shape so I'm considering going white anyway.

Of course this pale gray is kind of nice too, with some turquoise accents?

I'm definitely all about bringing some colour into the room. Maybe these curtains would be nice?

And some art on the wall is definitely needed.

Now this is wonderful! I'm just not sure Javier or even Lizzie would go for the pink. But it's just so much fun and the six-year-old in me loves it.

Harlequin via House of Turquoise

More turquoise. Hmmm. I'm sensing a trend here. Maybe this is a bit too bold though. Plus I think Javier may resist the wallpaper. After all, I did almost break my neck falling off the top of the ladder when I was trying to move the original wallpaper from the room five years ago. But I can always dream, right?

I've been in "love" with this room ever since I first saw in on Decor8blog. Again, just a few colourful accents. I could totally make that pillow. And I adore this style of couch.

1st option via decor8

And some more colourful curtains. I think I'm seeing another trend!

Oh, the agony of indecision. There is so much inspiration out in the blog world, how will I ever decide what to do?


Jodi Anderson said...

This post struck a chord with me because I'm finally picking up paint this morning. I'm starting in the dining room and kitchen, and eventually working my way throughout the house. Although I've spent 9,395 hours thinking about colours, at the last minute, I'm still waffling. Ahh!

I can't wait to see what you decide to go with for colour. (I like the pale grey and am hoping to do something similar in the living room.)

Clare said...

Oh lovely inspiration. We decorated our downstairs last summer and I have one big wall in a very similar green to the first picture - I have paired it with a light kind of taupe colour and I am still quite in love with it. Looks VERY fresh!...but they all look so lovely!