Friday, December 11, 2009

Enter at your own risk

Proceed with caution. What lay beyond this door may shock you.

I'm not exactly sure what happened. One minute I was a mild-mannered crafter calmly putting the finishing details on some homemade Christmas gifts...

The next minute I was a wild-eyed, hard-breathing whirling dervish frantically flinging balls of yarn, yards of fabric, and other miscellaneous crafting related goods into the air with wild abandon. The pretense was that I'd misplaced some stencils and one of Lizzie's carefully (carelessly?) "hidden" Christmas gifts, but in reality I think for a moment I completely lost control of my sense.

Eventually, the missing items were located, but honestly, I don't know where to even begin in restoring order to my craftroom.

I'm sure that many of you privileged to have your own designated crafting areas are facing similar scenes at this busy time of the year. I'm not alone, am I?


Shana said...

Well, my crafting space does double duty as my work space (for work work) as well, and it makes your craft room look *tidy*. I am sadly not even joking.

KathyBaker24 said...

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Anonymous said...

hey tracey- i'm glad to see you back. i don't check the blog too too regularly, but was surprised for a while when it was just halloween blog all the time. i figured you were so busy adjusting to being a full time nurse!

and, btw- great craft room!

sassy studio said...

ooo, a design site....those lions must have clued her in to your great sense of style! Her room looks like my more paper before Christmas!

MJ said...

I just found my craft table this week! Good luck cleaning up your room!

Saucy said...

Mine looks, well... similar but more crowded because it's smaller. It's a project for the new year, to be sure.