Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Baby it's just plain cold around here these days. I've been spending a substantial portion of my past two mornings snuggled under an afghan with a warm, fuzzy cat, a latte, and a book. Note these are mornings where I SHOULD be working on Christmas presents.

So how cold is it?

Well, it's cold enough that both my lions need scarfs. Funny, no one even blinks anymore when they discover my latest project is cold weather clothing for inanimate objects.

Here Mufasa with his wooly muffler...

And of course, Simba (natch), has one too!

Maybe I did get a teensy-bit carried away when I knit a toque and scarf for my gnome.

But doesn't he just look so pleased?

On a completely different note, we are still in our old house, though our dreams of the river house still aren't dead. We are waiting for the buyers of our house to sell there's before we can confirm everything. So the waiting continues.

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