Monday, July 20, 2009

Yard Work

As I was leaving for work yesterday morning I spied some large objects on the boulevard beside my house.

A closer look revealed them to be a pair of work boots that had magically appeared in the night. We live on a somewhat busy avenue with plenty of pedestrians making their way home from the bars downtown some nights. We've had beer cans, cigarette packages, and once, oddly, an abandoned baby stroller. This is our first pair of boots however. I'm curious to know whether they'll remain there until the next time Javier mows the lawn.

I finally convinced myself that the dead plants had to go, plus I weeded a little today. Pretty new floral replacements, no?

And a little dash of red begonia to brighten anyone's day.

Happy Monday!


MJ said...

Whew! I was a little concerned that you were going to somehow adopt the boots and then put new floral arrangements in them! Yahoo! You put them in pots!

Shana said...

We live downtown and find all kinds of interesting "debris" as well. Never a pair of boots though. But one sneaker on more than one occasion. I always wonder if someone hopped home.

3rdEyeMuse said...

how crazy ... I imagine someone has some sad feet right about now ... pretty? naw, the new flowers are GORGEOUS!

Saucy said...

Gah. Yard work. I still have a tray of bedding plants to put in the urns, I just bought them. I waited until they were a dollar.

The boots are very Harry-Potterish. I wonder how they got there other than magic?

Jillian said...

Pretty flowers! You never know, boots could become planters if they sit there long enough! Somebody has some pretty sore feet by now.

Melinda said...

Im sure those boots have a story..I wonder??