Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Still here...

I had a bit longer absence from my blog than I'd anticipated, but fear not, I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. In addition to work (which I do love), I've been...

I figure I've logged about 40 km so far since the beginning of April. I've been preparing for a 5KM race this weekend. Sometimes, it is torture, and sometimes, like yesterday, I come home feeling euphoric. The occasional euphoria (or runner's high, as I believe it's called) is definitely worth the torture. Plus, I'm definitely feeling more energized over all.

I'm still working away at my dollhouse rug. It's almost finished. Now I actually have to start building the house.

More stitching
Actually, I guess this is quilting. One of my more ambitious projects at present. I found this wonderful old twin-size sheet at the thrift store and decided that it would make a marvelous throw quilt for the end of my bed. I've never quilted before, so I'm learning as I go, and the end of my fingers are raw. I guess I really do need those thimbles after all. This quilt is one part of my whole bedroom redo plan. My room (yes, it's Javier's too, I guess) is looking a bit sad these days.

I can't leave the library these days with any less than 6 books. I'm trying to figure out how to quilt and read at the same time.

We finally get to have spring around here and things are turning green. Unfortunately, I didn't get around to winterizing my flower bed last fall, so I get to clean things up now, which is not so much fun. However, it is awfully fun to be outside enjoying the sunshine.

I hope to stop by for visits soon! I hope everyone is well.


3rdEyeMuse said...


books on tape/cd for quilting time!

MJ said...

Wow! You've been busy! If you learn to read and quilt at the same time, I'll be mightily impressed!

sassy studio said...

glad you are doing well...busy busy bee! I love the projects, you are so creative!
hugs sassy

Saucy said...

Running??? There's no way I would have energy for that, with all that nursing, parenting and weeding. You forgot to eat chocolate.

sassy studio said...

hey OR,
Quick! Go visit Saucy's blog.....you and Lizzie would be perfect!