Thursday, April 23, 2009

Revisiting the list

I'm rapidly hurdling towards my 37th birthday, so I thought I'd take a minute (or 30) to reflect on what I've accomplished this year vs. what I wanted to do.

1. Complete a half marathon in less than 2 1/2 hours.
Nope. The just did not happen. HOWEVER, I will be running a 5KM race this coming weekend which I will hopefully do in about 30 minutes, so at least I'm active, which was the main reason for wanting to run in the first place.

2. Learn how to swim
Still dog paddling. Maybe this year.

3. Take a really good photograph
The term "good photograph" is pretty subjective. I've literally taken hundreds this past year. These are a few of my favourites, some are beautiful and some just conjure some great memories.

4. Complete at least 4 things on my household "to do" list
I started last summer with 13 things on my list. I accomplished 7 of them, which I think is pretty good. I exchanged the living room blinds for curtains, cleaned the basement and fixed up the laundry area, finished painting the outdoor fence, and cleaned the bedroom closet (several times actually), plus a few other things too.

5. Hike the Crypt Lake Trail
I thought about it. We talked about. But it just didn't happen. Life got in the way.

6. Complete my Bachelor of Nursing Degree

7. Write the Canadian Registered Nurses Examination
Yep! And I passed it too. I got my official registration in the mail today, so I can now write RN at the end of my name. Yay for me.

8. Get a job
I get to snuggle babies for a living. Awwww...

9. Go sledding
Surprisingly, I don't actually want to play in the snow. Sounds good in theory, but I'd prefer to stay in my nice warm house.

10. Learn 52 Spanish words or phrases
We started out strong way back in May 2008. We planned to learn a new word or phrase every week so we'd be ready for our trip to Spain. But the trip got cancelled and we only made it 3 weeks before the whole learning plan dissolved. And we've already forgotten what we learned!

11. Read a classic novel
I know I read at least two "classics", but I can't remember what they were.

12. Organize my photographs
I moved all my photos into photo boxes. Does this count?

13. Make 75% of my Christmas gifts
I think I did pretty well on this one. Maybe not 75%, but at least I made some presents. There were reusable shopping bags and coffee cozies all around.

14. Bike to Echo Dale Park
Lizzie and I really wanted to do this last summer, but it was too hot to bike that far. Maybe we'll go this spring before the plus 30 degree temperatures hit.

15. Go berry picking
There just never seemed to be a good time to do this. I must make this a priority this summer.

16. Make a perfect pie crust
Yeah, never got around to it.

17. Set foot in Saskatchewan
I did this not once, but 3 times. Once camping in Cypress Hills, and two stopovers in Regina. One stop was a little longer than expected as we got very familiar with one of the hospitals in Regina because of an acute case of appendicitis!

18. Fall in love with one poem
Gee. I completely forgot about this one. Still not much interested in poetry.

19. Plant tulip bulbs in the fall
Forgot about this one too. I didn't get around to winterizing my flower beds at all this year. Oh, well, there's always another year.

20. Stop drinking coffee for one month
Nope. No way, no how. My doctor actually told me not to stop so I take her at her word. I just switched to lattes so I get more milk now (for the calcium)

21. Participate in a non-apron blog swap
I participated in three non-apron swaps--the toadstool swap, Saucy's Halloween swap, and Club Little House. I still haven't shown off my little house goodies. Hope to soon.

22. Send Christmas cards
Thought about it, but was too busy finishing school and graduating.

23. Sew a quilt
I definitely won't finish the quilt, but I'm working on it.

24. Volunteer for one day
I volunteered at our skate clubs competition this year. I "get" to join the board this year

25. Take an art class
Some day, some day, I hope to have the time.

26. Learn to play a new song on the piano
I was really excited, thinking I actually came through on this one. I remember learning a duet which I played with LIzzie at one of her recitals. Then she reminded me that was two years ago. Duh.. I blame school again.

27. Make curtains for at least one room in my house
Lizzie got curtains in here newly redecorated bedroom.

28. Get my visa balance down to $0
I tried, but then I stopped trying. This might be a lost cause.

29. "Repoof" the "poof" cushion
The "poof" is a lost cause. Poor thing has been in my basement storage room devoid of any stuffing for about a year now. 

30. Knit a pair of socks
I'm not even sure WHY I wanted to do this one, but it definitely did not happen.

31. Teach someone how to knit
I just never got around to this one. I know someone who wants to learn though. And I found a "Learn to Knit" book so I'm all set.

32. Reconcile with my father
My daddy and I are friends again.

33. Laugh so hard my stomach hurts
This happened a bunch of times. Usually involved a silly SNL skit.

34. Do absolutely nothing for 2 hours
I can't even sit and just watch tv for two hours. Still, this is a skill that I should perfect.

35. Stop using plastic shopping bags
I THINK about this every time I'm at the grocery store and realized my reusable bags are in my mudroom at home. Yeah, I know, put them in the car....

36. Attend bible study
Again, I just never had the time. Maybe a personal bible study is more appropriate.

37. Host a themed dinner party
I won't fit this is under the deadline of my birthday, but we are hosting an Australian-themed dinner party in May. All I know at this point is there will be lots of Aussie wine involved.


Madge said...

OK. You did great! I can't even manage to make a list.

MJ said...

That was some list to have to achieve and one year to do it in was a lot to ask yourself! You got the important stuff done! Why did your doctor discourage you from stopping drinking coffee? (I'm curious so that I can stop feeling guilty about drinking it!)

sassy studio said...

crypt lake, theone with the boat in waterton right? dreamy and I did acamena pass (NOT a TRAIL!) in a lightening storm that surprised up and one other. I hear crypt is great too, I'd love to go back to waterton with the sprout one day.
you have accomplished so very much, I think being a Mom and a wife should earn you a medal....nursing equals another!

Jodie said...

I think you did a great job -
that dinner party? pavlova? Lamingtons? anzac cookies - why is everything Aussie so dessert related?

Shana said...

Quite a productive year, Madame RN.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I'm inspired to make my own list! thanks & well done on the accomplishment end!

Saucy said...

If you can find time to go berry picking, I will find the time. Let's make a pact.

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