Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6


I haven't updated my IPOD for a while and I'm really bored of all the songs. I need help making up a new playlist and welcome all your suggestions. If you want to know my eclectic taste in music refer to this post.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I wish I had some good suggestions. I'm coming up empty too.

Jan said...

OK, I saw a give away, in my reader, and now it's gone. I really want that bag, so sign me up, anyway. So, there.

sassy studio said...

Music Hmmmm....I'm not much help there! Your doll house projects look amazing and your little blue boxm needs a good home! I am trying to teach myself to crochet, I'm using a book...it is not going well- I really wish you lived closer! How do you create such masterpieces!!!!!!

so NOT cool said...

Hey, that blue and white pattern? That's what lines my night stand drawers!

Oh, music. Hrm. Most of the stuff that I listen to these days would frighten most adults my age, mostly Swedish rock/techno. Go figure.

What about Cat Power (Chan Marshall)? She has a smoky voice and beautiful songs.

3rdEyeMuse said...

disclaimer ... it's nearly midnight on a Thursday ...

tonight, I suggest:

"Frank Mills" - from Hair (original Broadway version)

"Crash" - Dave Mathews

"Wishing Heart" and/or "This" - Lisa Loeb (from Firecracker)

Breakdown - Jack Johnson (from In Between Dreams)

"Wonder" - Natalie Merchant (from Tigerlily)

happy hunting!

Ashley said...

Here are a couple of my favorites:
Jack Johnson
Jason Mraz
Norah Jones
But what about some classics?
Guns N Roses
Led Zeppelin
Queen (My favorite to sing in the car is "The Show Must Go On") and Under Pressure with David Bowie...I could go on and on!
I love my iPod so much, I love having all those songs stored so that no one can see the embarrassing music I have on there! LOL!

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