Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4

Did you know that the girls of Oliver Rain dabbled in construction? With our little house goodies set to arrive, we decided that sprucing up the miniature homestead was required.

We decided that a little help was in order, courtesy of Extreme Home Makeover. These kits were, as lucky would have it, available at Winners for the EXTREME price of $5.00 each! They must have known we needed some help.

We bought this dollhouse for $15.00 a few years ago at Value Village. It's essentially sat undecorated since we bought it. It's one of those "when I get to it projects". It's starting to come together, but I think we need to install some doors and windows still. It's a bit breezy in the winter.

Because we already had the glue out and a vast supply of popsicle sticks, Lizzie decided that her horses also needed a new stable. It's pretty cold around here you know. This is completely her design. I think the horse tipped over when I was trying to get a photo.

The invisible dollhouse family is also building a holiday cottage. Some of their furniture is already being stored at the new place. I bought this kit for us at another thrift store for $10 last summer, and because I have troubles sticking to one project at a time, we had to start before the other dollhouse was finished. Of course, my issue with this house is that I have to exercise a lot of patience waiting for the glue to dry as I assemble the thing, so it's taking much longer than anticipated.

If you look closely, you can see some of my Club Little House goodies that arrive just before New Years. It WAS just like Christmas again.

I will post more pictures as the holiday cottage is nearing completion.


3rdEyeMuse said...

this is so cool! Lizzie's stable design is quite clever - good space for the horses and looks quite sturdy, too.

this is going to be fun seeing the occasional home-makeover updates. :)

so NOT cool said...

This is the third time that I've commented about doll houses today (after seeing a Frido Kahlo one online). I absolutely adore them. These are so cute.

When I was little, my mom bought me a doll house for Christmas but it needed to be assembled. No one would ever help me or allow me to work on it. Thus, an adult obsession with them.

Wait. Did I just tell you this story the other day? Sheesh.

A New England Life said...

You ladies are bargain hunters! Love the houses! Wish I had found something like that when my girls were younger. It's something kids never forget working on.

I hope you've enjoyed being construction women : )