Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spoiler Alert: Christmas Gifts

Okay, if you are related to me and don't want to know what you could possibly be getting for Christmas, stop reading now...

I tried to economize this year and make a lot of presents myself. However, I wasn't able to start until December 20th, so it's lucky that anyone is getting anything at all. It's been a busy couple of days, but all presents are now finished, wrapped, and waiting under the tree. Except for the cats of course. Verdict is still out on whether they will get anything for Christmas (bad cats).

Hand-sewn shopping bags from a pattern in The Craftster's Companion. I used all materials from my stash. Vintage sheets and old curtain fabric. I even had matching thread. I embroidered the words..."save a a planet" on each one. Nice and vague I think!

They even fit into their own little self-contained pocket.

I also made a bunch of these coffee cozies to give away. Teacher, coach, piano teacher, and maybe a few family members each get one. I got cups from Tim Hortons and put a gift certificate inside each one. Tim Hortons is not my favourite coffee, but it is probably considered our National Beverage, so that's what everyone gets. 

Miss Lizzie got into the spirit too. These little boxes contain her handmade offering. She chose the packaging herself and paid for everything too! Red for girls and green for boys. She felt it was important that everyone also get a candy cane. She knows it's all in the details.

And inside...little snow people. She made one for everyone in our family and they are all personalized with details specific to each person. She's my girl!

Now all that's left is to clean up and go shopping for Christmas brunch supplies. Oh and embroider those napkins so they match my holiday table (even I think that's crazy).

Honestly, Boxing Day I'm doing NOTHING, except curl up with a good book and probably lots of coffee.


Karen said...

Seriously adorable and creative stuff!
Could you hold a give-away for bags like that sometime? I love them!

Karen said...

Whoops, hint enter before I added...
Merry Christmas!

Jen on the Edge said...

Everything is just so cute and I love the wrapping jobs.

Merry Christmas!

Mary Alice said...

You are so creative. Beautiful. Happy Holy Days!

3rdEyeMuse said...

you are such a ROCK STAR ... well done! Love the bags & cozies & Miss Lizzie's snow people are FABULOUS!

merry, merry & happy, happy ... here's hoping that Santa delivers each of you at least one special item from your wish lists. :)

sassy studio said...

Ok so I come down to MH for sewwing lesson when?! I Love, love, love those bags, the built in pouch is perfect! You seriously one talented gal! Happy Holidays to your family!
ps - I want tolearn to knit and crochet from you too!

Shana said...

Excellent job on the handmade gifts. We had that kind of Christmas too, and the recipients thus far have been so thrilled. It's nice when the making of the project is fun AND the recipients of the project appreciate it. Win win!

Happy Christmas you : )

Liz said...

These are so adorable! I'm sure people just loved getting them. I hope you and your sweet family had a wonderful Christmas.

MJ said...

I love those bags! The "save a bag, save a planet" detail is ingenious!

Saucy said...

Way to go Lizzie! Handmade gifts are the BEST. We lurrve our coffee cozies!