Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sharing a little 'cozy' all around

I had a few requests for the crocheted coffee cozy so here it is. I adapted the pattern from one published in Crochet Today a few years ago. I'm too lazy to go downstairs to unearth the magazine, but if you really want to know the date I can let you know.

1 ball bulky gauge wool ( I used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes)
5.0mm & 6.0mm crochet hooks

Using smaller hook, make a chain of 30 and join. Chain 1 and SC in each stitch in the round. Keep going in a spiral (meaning don't join to first SC with a slipstitch), continuing for 7 rounds. Switch to larger hook and continue with SC for 3 more rounds. For top edging: Slipstitch into SC, chain 1, slipstitch into next SC, chain 1, continue until you've gone all around the top edge. Fasten off.

Attach wool to bottom edge. Will smaller hook, crochet the slipstitch, chain 1 edging as above. Fasten off and weave loose ends into body of cozy. 

Voila! An easy-peasy way to keep your java warm and your palms, burn free. Or I guess you could also use one of those reusable travel mugs.


Lisa Milton said...

I'm going to pretend I know how to do all that because your cozy is darling.


CalicoDaisy said...

Great pattern, thanks for posting it. I actually thought your knit cozy idea was great so went looking for on-line crochet directions last week. I made a couple, too. Yours is simpler though with just switching to a larger needle rather than increasing or decreasing for the shape.
-- Michele

so NOT cool said...

This last weekend, I went to an art festival and bought a few cute mugs that don't have handles. SO CUTE, but burny on the fingers! After pouring my first cup and melting the fingerprints off of my hand, I thought about your cozies.

I haven't crocheted in 25 years and have been wanting to start again. This looks like a perfect project.

The only problem? I can crochet a single strand, but going beyond that I don't remember. I think that a visit to my grandma's house is in order. :)

Shana said...

I think I'm going to teacher gifts... crocheted cozy on an empty starbucks cup with a gift card inside! Thanks for sharing.

Mary Alice said...

That is adorable. I just wish I could crochet...maybe I could sew some elasticized fabric versions?

MJ said...

Love your new header! I'll leave the knitting and crocheting to you!

Apryl said...

I love coffee cozys/java jackets.. I did a simple knitted tutorial on my blog awhile back. I haven't learned to crochet yet though I do have one or two hooks hidden about with some knitting needles. I always carry a java jacket in my purse, it makes me smile when I sit in a starbucks sipping a latte with a knit java jacket on it... although being a coffee junkie the coffee makes me smile just as much.

Firefly Hill said...

I wish I knew how to knit! Mrs. John McCain needs one of these...the picture on yesterday showed her with a starbucks coffee with a cardboard jacket!

Enjoy your weekend!


Mrs. G. said...

So much more charming than a travel mug!

Jillian said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I'll have to re-learn how to crochet first! My Mother taught me many moons ago and from what I remember, once I went to the next line, I could never keep it straight. :0)


Saucy said...

Cute AND eco-friendly! Love it.