Sunday, December 14, 2008

The real me

Now this is an argument for getting professional studio photos. I came out of Friday's event without ONE decent picture of me in my uniform.

The lighting was CRAPPY and every picture is a much shinier and uglier version of me with bad hair.  At least the narcissistic version of me thinks so. However, I was clearly very happy that day, even though my darling girl was too sick to be there. 

All is good now. I can finally put school behind me (except for that pesky national registration exam in February) and enjoy my life.

Thank you for the good wishes. And I just want to answer a few of your questions...

- No I will not be wearing my nursing cap at work. I have visions of it falling off into someone's nasty incision, or something even worse.
- My mom bought me some new really fun scrubs to wear to work. I love the scrubs. Imagine wearing your pajamas to work. That's jut how it is.
- I don't think they permit the "bedazzling" of nursing uniforms. But that would be SO MUCH FUN. And has just given me a fun Christmas idea!

Thanks again. I feel like a virtual cheering squad has been behind me these past few months.


Lisa Milton said...

You do look so happy. Maybe all that joy blurred the shot...

Congrats again!

Debachu said...

I think Lisa's right: your joy rendered the camera unable to secure a focus lock.

(sorry your brunch was a bust too -- but then it could just be the universe's way of assuring you that you chose the right profession.)

Jillian said...

I'm so happy for you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter feels the same about wearing her scrubs to work! I don't think she's considered be-dazzling them yet!


MJ said...

You do look so happy in the photo! I'm sorry to read that Lizzy was too ill to attend the ceremony! Hope she is feeling soon! I'm sure she's so proud of you achieving a dream! What a great role-model!