Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was having a hard time coming up with a post for today until I looked at the sweet girl cat sitting on my lap, all warm and purry. So I entered her name, Rain, in a search on Google Images and this is what I got.

Source: Cool Chaser

Source: All Posters

Source: Possible Way

Nice, but not as nice as cuddling with my Favourite Female Feline. And maybe a little random, but that's how I feel today.


Lisa Milton said...

What pretty shots. It helps when the weather forecast calls for an end to the sun here.

sassy studio said...

You naughty knitter! You have should NEVER let this little secret out of the bag! I am lusting for nutty winter touques for my family Christmas be taken soon. Yup 5 nutty toques desperately needed! Interested in a job ofr hire? I will pay premium as I am REALLY lusting for unique touques! Please let me know!

Shana said...

Random but nice : )

Jillian said...

Those are great! I've always loved the Gene Kelly photo from the movie. Neat post!

Anonymous said...

I loved these pictures. Not that I want to go outside and play in the rain or anything.

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