Monday, October 13, 2008

A smattering of Halloween decor

With a little extra time on my hands, I decided to pull out a few Halloween goodies from our box downstairs. Halloween is by far our favourite decorating holiday but this year we are toning it down as we'll be away for part of the month. We usually drape our porch columns with lengths of black lace and create a graveyard in the flower beds. We even have ghosts and witches flying around. This year, we are going for simplicity.

Forgive the shoddy photography. It was cloudy until I pulled out the camera, not that I'm complaining of course. The sunshine is always welcome.

This wreath is much nice than it looks here. A combination of black feather, a few fall leaves, a skeleton, and the odd jack o'lantern here and there. The letters on the circles spell S-P-O-O-K-Y.

Even my garden bunny got in the spirit with a little ribbon bow around his neck.

We must make sure that everyone is aware of the house rules before the big night. In case you can't read it, the sign says:
  • No Haunting before midnight
  • Graveyard reservations members only
  • No broom parking - 12am-6am
  • Blood transfusions Mon-Fri - see the Count
  • Class requirement: Haunting for Dummies, Friday 9pm-12am
And, trust me, we enforce these rules.

The Spooky Cat is our new acquisition from Winners. They always have the most unique stuff. A little bow around his neck makes him look a little less scary I'm afraid.

On the bench, we have a witch cavorting with another garden bunny. I have felt covers for my porch pillows. Again with the jack o'lantern, and a ghost. If I have time I want to make a tunic and witch hat for my gnome so he fits in too.

In 2 years our house will be a century old. It's been very updated and restored in places and we love it. About a dozen years ago, the house wasn't in such great shape, and the owner opened up the house as a "Haunted Mansion". It was the scariest house on the block. The house is not nearly so scary now. Part of me would love to do something similar, but the thought of a bunch of strangers tramping through the house is scarier than a haunted house would be! 


3rdEyeMuse said...

those are some spooktacular Halloween goodies ... those house rules still have me giggling.

Anonymous said...

Very festive!

MJ said...

Fun Halloween decorating! I'd do more except I'm too lazy to bring things in overnight (not to mention we are a little cramped space-wise this year!) I understand your reluctance to let strangers tramp through your haunted house but it would be fun! How about having a little girls' party for Lizzie instead and make a haunted house once she's quit trick/treating?

Anonymous said...

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Luella said...

Lovely pictures of Halloween decoration! It looks like so much fun!!