Saturday, October 11, 2008

The happiest place on earth?

Warning: the pictures herein do not accurately depict the writer at her best. View at your own risk.

Apparently not. I was doing some cleaning today and I came across some pictures of a Disney trip from about 5 years ago. Not sure why, but I guess I wasn't feeling too happy when this picture was taken. Check out that sneer. Lizzie's chubby little 5 year old cheeks look quite delectable though. 

It looks like I wasn't too happy here either. Perhaps Minnie Mouse was hitting on Javier. She's such a tramp, with those bloomers sticking out the bottom of her dress & that red bow on her head. Javier looks quite pleased with the whole situation. Lizzie looks to have her mind on something else already.

Yeah, I guess this is where the happy drugs kicked in. The Winnie the Pooh ride was thrilling.

Thank goodness for digital photography. Now we can do re-do photos.


MJ said...

On a positive note, it is nice that you have some photos (albeit looking grumpy in a couple!) of you with Lizzy! If my dh and I were to divorce, he could use my photo album against me as I'm in few photos as I'm the star photographer of the house!

Lisa Milton said...

Disneyland is GREAT but stressful.

I'm surprised there aren't more tears shed by the end of the day...

so NOT cool said...

Oh, yes. Thank goodness for digital photography.

And, I would be sort of miserable at Disney ... but, that's just me. ;)

Shana said...

I've never taken any of my kids to Disney. Child abuse, I know. You look like you are going to seriously take someone out in the driving photo : )

Saucy said...

Look at Lizzie! A big smile on her face! Disney is worth every penny. We would go again in a heartbeat, and Buddy is 18.