Monday, September 29, 2008

Glub glub

This past few days I've felt like I'm literally drowning in work. I'm heading into the 3rd of 6 night shifts, so I spent most of the day trying to sleep...more like trying to shut off my brain so I can feel more rested tonight. I lay down and I start thinking about school work. Then I try not to think about school work, so I think about craft work. And my mind just reels from there. My creativity level seems to be peaking with my work load. I've gone tons of amazing ideas but little time to do anything about them. So, then I try to stop creating in my head, and think about calming things, like clouds and beaches...and then I start thinking about our upcoming Disney holiday and what needs to happen there. Sigh.

Therefore, in an attempt to get my workload under control, I've decided to turn my blog over to a guest blogger for a couple of days. I hope you enjoy a little visit from my 10 year old daughter, Lizzie!

Hi! I'm Lizzy.I think that my mom spells it different, but oh well. Well, I had a school project today and I had to make something out of plasticine. We have a reading program in my Grade 5 that we have to choose a book, read it, and do a little essay thing. This month it was "How To" books. When we have books like that, we have to show work and do that project. I picked "Playing With Plasticine". So, I had to make something out of plasticine. I chose to make two dogs. This is "Scamp".  

I also made another dog. Which one of them do YOU like best?I don't know which one I like best. I like both of them alot. This one is Spotty. Oh! I hear my mom calling, time for bed! Bye.  


MJ said...

Very cute dogs, Lizzie! I can understand why you can't choose between them because I can't either! Good job! I hope you get a great mark for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Both dogs are great! I don't think I could have done such a good job.

Saucy said...

Dear Lizzie,

You are a great writer and a great sculptor. Also, a great blogger now.

I like Scamp the best, probably because of his expression and his name is way cool. Spotty rocks the bone in his mouth, though... he's pretty sweet.

Will they harden up or stay all gloopy forever like plasticine?


3rdEyeMuse said...

sending Oliver a cyber lifesaver ... and hopes of real rest soon.

Lizzy - love your dogs! they are really, really wonderful ... I just can't pick a favorite, so I'm calling it a tie. well done!