Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear House,

I'm so sorry I've neglected you. I apologize for sitting in the living room, eating ice cream, watching tv, and doing embroidery, instead of tidying up the kitchen table. I promise to find a little basket to store Lizzie's craft supplies, so we can eat at the table like a normal family. Are you listening, house?

I did do the dishes after dinner. Aren't you proud of me, house? I'm just sorry I didn't have the energy to deal with the debris that appeared after I already drained the sink and loaded the dishwasher. How does this happen? 

My promise to you today, house, is that I will tidy your counters and empty your closets of dirty laundry. I will clean that stinky litter box in the basement and make you smell so nice. I'll even do some baking so that you will smell even nicer. Would you like that, house? 

However, I also need to spend time with something else that's been neglected. The couch. AND homework. Sigh...

So let me sit here, so I can visit my blogs, sip a nice rich cup of coffee, and maybe sneak a cuddle with my kitties. And then I'll look after you. Okay, house?




Karen said...

I didn't bravely post any pictures of my neglected house. But I posted about wasting my weekend, and morning today!

Firefly Hill said...

My house always looks like that on Mondays! Glad I am not the only one...I usually spend Monday mornings putting everything back together. Hope you all are feeling better!


Lisa Milton said...

Houses are forgiving. As are Mondays.

They have to be.

A New England Life said...

It's a vicious cycle. Just as soon as you catch up you have to start all over again. All you can do is hope no one drops by unexpectedly. That's what I do!

Happy Monday!

Jillian said...

Tracey! Is this the first time you have revealed your name or have I been neglectful in reading ALL of your posts????

Nice to "meet" you finally!


Jillian said...

Oh! I guess one good reveal deserves another. My given name is Jill. My DH always called me Jillian which he may have picked up from a friend of mine...and so this is how I came up with my blog name.


3rdEyeMuse said...

i just might have to write a very similar letter of appology to my own house ... at least there's no question it's lived in. :)

MJ said...

My house wouldn't believe any apology that I might issue to it, it has been neglected too long (and will be neglected until the clutter is returned to the basement). I'm glad your house is understanding!

Tara said...


Does House forgive? You bet, you are a busy studying lady!

Anonymous said...

If I were the house I would understand! Especially the cleaning the litter box part!

And how do all those dishes creep in after the dishwasher has been started and the counter wiped?

so NOT cool said...

It looks like you have controlled chaos. I see the mess, but I see the clean behind it.

In my dining room? Pet hair tumbleweeds.