Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Today I am...

Happy - it's warm enough to wear flip flops and a dress

Sad - we have to have a duvet on the bed because it gets chilly at night

Happy - the fall colours are starting to develop and it looks so pretty

Sad - the cooler temperatures last week killed off my flowers

Happy - new scrubs to wear for my shift tonight

Sad - I have to work a shift tonight (overnight!)

But mostly just HAPPY because I have a great life.


so NOT cool said...

Some of the things that make you sad, I'm sorry to say, make me happy. I like winter and autumn so much; I adore the cold, but what I think that I really like is WARMING UP! from the cold. Mmmmm.

I do like to wear skirts/dresses and flip flops though, so I'll do that as long as I can.

I think that I'm ready to clean up my garden and I hope to work on it this weekend. Almost time to plant crocus bulbs.

Now you've really got me thinking about the upcoming equinox and things to do, things to do!

Lisa Milton said...

It really that time of year when we are somewhere in between.

Hope your shift is a breeze; love the scrubs.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that fall is my favorite season, so I'm always happy this time of year.

I love that blue flower pot!

Saucy said...

Man, that plant looks SAD. I haven't watered mine at all, but now the weather is gorgeous and I could be outside! Must do that.

Love the scrubs! You will be one hot little number on shift tonight!

Jillian said...

I'm with you on the sad ... I hate to see summer go. Especially the plant life that I love so much in the warmer temps. Oh yeah and those warmer temps!

Cute post. I like the happy/sad contrast. Even better, I like how you ended it on a positive note!


Anonymous said...

Love your new scrubs!

MJ said...

Just think of all the crafting you might be able to do on your shift tonight. Maybe plan your zombie jar?

Liz said...

You are always so cute and positive! If it makes you feel better, my potted plants are dying too. Love the new scrubs!

Shana said...

Such a good thing when your HAPPY outweighs your SAD. Cute scrubs, btw : )

Firefly Hill said...

Werent we just happy that is was spring? That seems like yesterday doesnt it? Time flies...I do love fall. Not so crazy about winter. I do love the change of seasons so you have to put up with all of them right?

Love your scrubs!