Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer dreaming

I had this moment today when I was getting cereal out of the cupboard. I actually thought, boy, why doesn't anyone keep this cupboard clean...and then my next thought was, dammit, I'm the "anyone" who's supposed to be organizing the cupboard! Sometimes, I really wish I had a mother looking after me. Not my mother. We tried it for a while this spring and I just couldn't take it. It must be someone like a  mother, or maybe more like a housekeeper and an appointment maker and an appointment reminder and a personal assistant and someone to organize weekly menus for me. You know what I mean? A mother. 

I'm missing commitments all over the place (well just two), my house is a constant disaster, and I have no inclination to cook, absolute none at all. Normally these are things I don't mind, but I seem to be suffering a complete lack of motivation. Maybe it's the summer mentality, or maybe I'm just lazy. I admit it. I'm just not perfect. Plus, I just haven't been very good at visiting all my blog peers. I will very soon, I promise!

Thank you for reading my little rant. I feel much better now and look at the treasure I discovered when visiting Spokane.

They are AIRSTREAM lights. How cool are they? I made the puppy dog eyes and said, " Please Javier, may we please buy them? I love them sooo much". And he obliged, because somehow I conveniently left my wallet in the car outside. Oops. What a guy!

Tired of hearing about Airstreams yet? I'd like to promise there won't be anymore talk of them, but I'm still campaigning heavily for adopting one into our family. 

The good  news is that there is still a chance we might get one, though nothing will happen now until next spring. The three of us, Javier, Lizzie & myself, suffered from a bit of "small-trailer syndrome" when we were away (there are some HUGE RVs out there) and were feeling pretty cramped in our little trailer by about day 7 of our 10-day camping trip. We spent an hour oo so exploring some Airstreams at the Spokane dealership. They are so beautiful. Each one is a piece of art, iconic bliss. At least one of us (not mentioning any names but the first initial is J) literally drooled over a brochure. Lizzie has stopped referring to them as toasters. I'm prepared to sell the house (& live in it with the bunny I want and don't yet have) and move into one full time. Okay, that's maybe a bit of a stretch. I'm sure I'd get sick of that pretty soon. Too much of a very good thing. Plus, I don't think I really want a bunny anymore. Too stinky.

Okay enough writing about Airstreams. I'm off to drool over the pictures in this book, another little prize I picked up on my recent travels.


Photo credits: www.vintagetrailersupply.com; www.harpercollins.com


Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't life great sometimes? I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who feels this way!!

Saucy said...

You totally need an Airstream, they are so much cooler than any RV going.

so NOT cool said...
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so NOT cool said...

I hope that you can get one. I've had AirStream love for a few years now. Not sure if one is in our future or not.

Those lights are beyond adorable.

Anonymous said...

Those lights are so cool!!!
I didn't know there was an Airstream Dealership anywhere - I thought they were highly collectible and very hard to come by (because they are so very cool!) I hope you get one!xoxo the fan

Shana said...

You don't need a mom. You need a wife! I've considered getting one, but hubby says ONE IS ENOUGH. Apparently he's already been screwed over on the whole wife deal once already, hee hee. I have Airstream envy as well. So Americana.

Nora Bee said...

I totally know that feeling--why doesn't someone clean this place UP already? Geez. And--airstream? Love those lights.

Jillian said...

I enjoyed reading your post today...lots of humor...and I love the airstream lights! Yay Javier! Where are you going to use them? I know people hang lights outside the camper when they go camping...that would be very cool!

Here's hoping you get one next spring. Nice blog header.

PS. Thank you for stopping by and wishing me a happy birthday! It helped me get through a rough patch!

Anonymous said...

I love those lights... they're fabulous!
And I've occasionally commented that I'd like a wife of my own to take care of the tasks that slip through my fingers. So far.... nada!

Here's hoping your adoption comes through!