Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little monkeys jumping on the bed

I have a bit of a confession to make. Somehow I've managed to make my daughter HATE shopping with me! Sob. When it was time to go back-to-school shopping last weekend, we both approached the task with something akin to dread. Her because she dislikes being dragged around while I enjoy my "ooh, look how cute this is, and this, and this" before running on to the next store. Me because I dislike being presented with multiple shrugs and eye-rolls as I hold items up for her approval. We also have quite different fashion styles, so my cute flowy bohemian styles that I think would look so lovely are quickly shot down. Sigh.

We decided that the only possible solution that could help us make it through the experience with our sanity and good natures intact was to invite a friend along. Better yet, a friend AND her mom. And turn it into an overnight trip. So in the end, we had two moms, two preteen girls, a hotel room, and a mall to conquer.

Before any shopping was to be done, we had to check the beds for bounciness. I laughed when I saw my friend's face as I told the girls to go ahead and jump on the bed, as is normally the tradition when we stay at hotels. However, soon all four of us were bouncing on the beds.

And quickly dissolving onto the mattress in a giggling mess.

The girls also had some fun mimicing the statue down the street from the hotel.

We did some major shopping damage the next day. 

The weather has turned cooler the past few days. We were even forced to pull out socks this week! School starts next Tuesday and despite minor protestations, I think Lizzie is ready to go back. Her brand new backpack is packed with a full array of school supplies. Her closet is stocked with a new fall wardrobe. New shoes will arrive via courier any day. I think we are almost ready.

Thanks for all the laundry room love. So far, I've done 6 loads of laundry and it was pretty nice to work down there. Even Javier approves.


Anonymous said...

I hate shopping so much that I hand my girls the latest catalogs and have them mark them up. It helps that we live in a small town, so our shopping options are limited. In our house, the UPS truck is known as "the Brown Truck of Joy."

MJ said...

I am bracing myself for when K and N develop their own tastes in clothes. They are currently tolerating my choices, mainly because they have a lot of sequins!

Firefly Hill said...

Looks like a fun trip! Come visit me--I found an airstream!