Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I know there are some bloggers out there who don't like cats. For those, I apologize for the following post.

Do these cats look happy?

One cat is sure happy at least. Oliver is purring away cleaning the top of Rain's head. If we could harness the energy of his purr, I think we could solve the world's energy crisis.

My poor little Rain. Oliver torments her so. In this picture, she's feigning sleep while he is grooming her incessantly. He does this to her all the time. I tell myself that it's because he loves her, but I strongly suspect, he's just trying to get the prime position on the couch. He will continue to lick her until she pretty much begs for mercy. She growls at him and stalks off. Sometimes he chases her, other times he looks at us quite innocently and settles into the warmed up spot.

Rainy is not without her quirks. She looooooves hair products, or maybe its just wet hair. Lizzie was resting on the couch after swimming yesterday. and Rain attacked her head. It's really  quite obscene sometimes. We have to hide our hair brushes or they become victims of Rainy's furious attentions. We've both lost a few locks of hair to Rain's loving. I guarantee you, Rainy is extremely happy here.


Jillian said...

Oh that is funny, I was thining about posting my own cat's weird quirk which is REALLY WEIRD...glad to see your cats are quirky too!

Stop by my blog, you've been mentioned to participate in a quirky tag, too! Hopefully you haven't already been tagged with this one.


Firefly Hill said...

Our cats do some really strange things too and one of them attacks our heads from the back of the couch--and she has claws! Ouch!

We do love them though...


Fairy Mae said...

Ahhh, I love cats. Great post!

Lisa Milton said...

They are mighty cute on my laptop screen.

(Allergies keep the cats at bay around here. Boohoo.)

Tara said...


They look like 2 very happy felines in a very happy house!