Saturday, June 7, 2008

I suspect I may have a problem

How do you know that computers are ruling your world? When you are sitting in the parking lot of a hotel tapping into their wireless internet on your laptop on a rainy Saturday evening!

I do have an excuse, honest. I really, really had to send out an assignment and I couldn't figure out any other way to do it...and, of course, I just had to take the opportunity to update my blog. Go figure!

It's very cold, windy and rainy. Never the best combination. Apparently there are many many campers heading into the local Walmart to stock up on blankets, sweaters, and coats. People are talking about snow! Ridiculous.

I hope the weather is better in your part of the world. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


Saucy said...

Snow? Friend, that is ridiculous, even in Medicine Hat. That said, I was outside cleaning the pool tonight and I could see my breath. Is summer over before it began?

I was wondering where you've been.

MJ said...

An internet pirate? You need to add that to your list of mother, spouse, nurse, etc on the side of your blog...

Firefly Hill said...

Wow chilly! Sounds kind of good as we are sweltering here! Hope it warms up for you. Hows work going?


Jillian said...

Oh no! Not snow...I hope your weather is warming up.

You are quite the resourceful one. . .picking up an internet connection! I may not have thought of that.