Friday, April 25, 2008

The Webkinz Extravanganza

If there was ever any doubt I was a good over-indulgent mother, here is the proof.

This morning I dropped my little angel off at school and headed to a local pharmacy, where they were giving away a free Webkinz with a $10 purchase. The store opened at 9:00am. I was there at 9:01am & there were people in front of me. Some parents even let their children go in to school late so they could have the honour of picking out there own free toy! I'm not judging, mind you. Each to their own and all that, but seriously. 

So I got in line, clutching the cosmetics that I was purchasing to justify this insanity, along with the other mothers, some of whom were still wearing pajamas (again not judging!). I felt so stupid and embarrassed. No way. I'm not one of those mothers. Then I spotted some friends doing the same thing for their daughters, and realized that yes, I am one of those mothers, though I did make the effort to shower & get dressed before I left the house. I still felt a bit ridiculous, especially when I lined up behind the other children to select a free Webkinz.

Here is the object that I sought this morning. A simple, innocuous, little stuffed animal. A kitty. See that blue tag though. That's what all the fuss is really about. Contained within the plastic casing is a code, which children enter into a website, so they can enjoy a virtual version of their little stuffy. I tell you, these things are taking over Medicine Hat. They've been popular around here for more than a year now. All the little girls & boys talk about them when they get together & now they sell clothing & figurines & trading cards & lip glosses, etc. 

Did I mention that Lizzie already has 12 of them? And that's nothing, her best little girlfriend has almost 40! Insanity. 

Yet, there I was standing in line this morning. Adding to the collection.

All for that precious little girl.

Worth it? Yes. Every second.


Jillian said...

It is very cute, that little kitty webkinz. My Niece and Nephew play webkinz online and LOVE them, too. Not sure if they have 40 though!

Jillian said...

Oh! Me again! I tried to leave a comment on your "PEACE" post, but there wasn't a comment area available.

I thought you post was WONDERFUL! I think we all struggle sometimes...and I too was brought up in church until we had something break up our family. I was led back to God and going to church while I lived alone out in Missouri and I've never regretted seeking God again. You are definitely not a religious weirdo!

Thanks for sharing your faith with us!