Thursday, April 10, 2008

I really need to carry a purse

I'm one of those rare women who've never got in the habit of carrying a purse. A tote bag, yes, but only when I have to go to class or something, and then only the bare essentials. My car sort of acts like a purse. I leave all the odds and ends in there that I just don't want to carry with me.

I've had two occasions recently that makes me think I need to start carrying a purse. The first happened a few weeks ago. We had some last minute scheduling changes and Javier was trying to get a hold of me. My cell phone was at home I think, or in the car. I was out and about doing errands and out of range or something like that. The end result was that he incurred 2(!) speeding ticket trying to ferry Lizzie across town to an event, because he couldn't contact me. I feel bad. I mean I didn't make him speed, but had I had my cell phone with me, it definitely could have been avoided. You know what a great method would be to ensure I always have my phone...yes, a purse.

The second event took place today. I have this nasty habit of carrying my wallet in my hand instead of being comfortably ensconced in a purse. When I grocery shop, I normally tuck the wallet in with my shopping bags so I have my hands free to push the cart. I had all my groceries put in the back of my car before I realized my wallet was missing. Backtracking my steps and going through all the bags didn't reveal my lost wallet. No one turned it into customer service. Frustrated and angry at myself, I immediately cancelled my credit & debit cards. Less than an hour later, a lady called my house stating she found my wallet in the parking lot of the grocery store. I still have no credit cards, but my intact wallet will be returned shortly. I think it might have fallen out of the cart or someone snatched when I looked away for a moment.

Lesson learned - use a purse. Many times, I've been out and set down my keys or needed a pen or a kleenex. I've decided it's time to be a grown up and carry a purse. I've made many bags before and purchased some too. None have ever been quite right, so now I'm on the search for a new one.
I made these little tote bags as Christmas presents for my sisters-in-law, which I gave along with some books. Maybe I should make a new one for myself...and quit complaining.


Tara said...

I kind of hate the over the shoulder bag thing so I bought a leather back pack pocketbook this winter and jt love the free hands. I think hat's why I do not like pocketbks, I want free hands!

MJ said...

I never carried a purse until K was born and I couldn't stand carrying a diaper bag. I was a "carry a wallet only" kinda gal too.

I purchased and carry an Ameribag (to distribute weight differently) due to my back but my all-time favorite purse is a MEC across the shoulder purse. It's the best way to discourage pickpocketers and I was able to carry basics (ie: camera!!)

Liz said...

Well, my purses could probably count as a carry-on for airlines. If I'm gonna carry one, I want EVERYTHING in it. :)

clarabelle said...

I have to admit I am quite the opposite! I am known for my vast and always growing array of handbags (as we call them). I like the totes that you made BTW - the one with the green handles is especially pleasing
Take Care
Clare x

Cottage Contessa said...

Well for the first time sweetie, I can not relate to your post because I am the QUEEN of purses and like to have a different one to match each outfit! I would be too ashamed to admit to how many I have! lol I have a cousin who is like you, she has never ever carried a purse. I don't know how she does it! I'm sorry you lost your wallet and had the trouble of reordering new cards, and that your DH got those speeding tickets! Doing those things are a real pain in the tushy! Have a lovely weekend sweetie......purse shopping perhaps? lol Hugs!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Gigibird said...

Maybe start with a small messenger type bag so your hands are still free - I use them all the time.
Thanks for visiting Gigibird:)

neeko said...

I agree. I am in my late 20's, and I have never carried a purse. I have always carried objects in my pockets, and then I got hooked onto the organizer, but never really take that anywhere. I would prefer something I could carry on my back that looks decent and goes with all that I wear, so when anyone invents something or has an idea for something I could a blog.