Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tales of Babynapper

I started my maternity rotation yesterday and we finally got out on the floor yesterday. Mmmm. Babies. I can't even describe how wonderful it is to be surrounded by babies (& their parents, of course)! I've enjoyed most of my nursing practicums, but I think this might be up there with my favorites. I'm still trying to decide on my focus, but I think this might make it on to my list of choices.

This is a picture of my Lizzie at about 2 weeks old. It's a little posed (duh...), but I love it. It's hard to believe she was ever this small. I look at the babes lying in their little cots, and it's amazing to think that just yesterday they were inside their moms. 

We don't have plans to have more children, but I think Javier worries about me. He keeps asking if I've brought home any babies. I tell him that I was only joking about smuggling them out of the hospital, but I think he believes I'm only half joking. In reality, as much as I love babies, I have no true desire to go back to that stage of my life. I'll just have to get my baby fix at the hospital.

Two weeks from today will be Lizzie's 10th birthday! It brings up so many emotions for me. She's excited, especially for the fabulous birthday party we've been planning. I'm excited too, but my little girl is growing up. I remember myself at 10, and I wonder what she thinks about. We spent some time today with our instructor talking about our day and I relayed my own experiences with motherhood. For those with children, do you remember the first moments you laid eyes on your babies...and that overwhelming rush of love towards them? I never imagined that it would be possible to love someone so much. Almost 10 years later, that feeling is still there. I can't pass her without kissing the top of her head and I love sneaking little snuggles now and then. Man, I just love this kid.


Firefly Hill said...

Oh she is so cute! She is a lucky girl to have a mama like you!


tams said...

You seem like such an amazing mom. You make me want to be a mommy, a good one.

MJ said...

The maternity ward would, generally speaking, be such an uplifting ward to work in ~ but then pediatrics is as well.

For a few seconds, periodically, I contemplate having child #3 but when I quickly shake my head, I discover that I'm quite happy not being constantly sleep deprived! As amazing as these new little people are, they tend to be night owls!

Sounds like you are having fun preparing for Lizzy's bday party! Am looking forward to seeing what 10 year olds like for party purposes!

Tara said...

What a cutie and you are so in love!
I remember frst seeing all three of my cherubs! When I had my first daughter, the minute she was born they told us she was a boy and already having a boy, I thought, OK, this is nice, everyone's healthy. But when they put her on the warming table they realized they made an error! And I rememeber the feeling of having our first girl! So exciting!
And you're awlays want to kiss the tops of their heads, even when they are taller than you!