Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What I did (or actually am still in the process of doing) during Reading Break

I swear this is a huge improvement over what my basement looked like this morning. 

See--you can actually see bare floor in the following photo.

My basement is my dirty little secret, literally. I am proud to show off the rest of my home, a lovely 2-storey 1910 home that has been lovingly renovated and restored (not by me). Usually when a tour of my home passes the basement door, I mumble "thatsjustthebasementyoudontwanttoseethatohdidyouseethekitchen" before my guest realizes what has happened. I've divided the "junk" into four separate piles.
  1. What we can't live without - this includes Christmas, Halloween & other holiday decor, luggage, camping supplies, old lamps (just in case) & folding chairs, plus some other things I can't seem to get rid of (old vcrs anyone?)
  2. What can be taken to the thrift store - clothes and toys that Lizzie has outgrown, clothes and toys that I have outgrown (clear throat here and move on), old books & magazines
  3. What can be recycled - old boxes and paper products & an odd assortment of plastic packaging
  4. What has to go to the landfill - I've tried to limit this as much as I can, still there are things that just can't go anywhere else. I won't mention them here, lest you think any less of me.
The basement is just one of my numerous projects on the go this week as I relax and enjoy my break from school. I won't list the other projects here because then I have to commit to actually doing them. However, you can be assured that they include sewing, knitting, painting, cleaning, and maybe the opening of a text book or two.

I still have to show off the things I bought on my getaway but here's a little peak.

Isn't she sweet? Her name is Barbabelle. I loved watching the adventures of Barbapapa & family when I was little. I found part of an episode here. My family owns a couple of Barbapapa books, one in French. Relying only on my limited high school French and pictures, I faithfully read the book to little Lizzie years ago every night before bed. Does anyone else remember Barbapapa? I'm not even sure if it was just Canadian or not? Anyone know?


Firefly Hill said...

Our basement is a complete disaster and so is every closet for that matter!! I am going to tackle them one of these days...
Yours looks great--I bet you feel better now.
I dont think we have Barbabelle here in the US, but she sure is cute....

Firefly Hill said...

Ha ha! It really is true--I just dont photograph them .... Maybe I will someday...

Thank you for your kind words!

Anonymous said...

i loved barabpapa!!
i think it was european becasue i saw a pic of barabpapa on a danish blog! maybe french or swiss??

MJ said...

Sadly, I'll be purging our basement some more: we are looking at replacing the concrete basement floors. Yuck. It entails removing the drywall, the basement ceiling, etc. I dread the thought so am not focussing on it too much now, just getting quotes! Makes your basement look dreamy!!