Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Few More Things to Share

I love stationery. Sometimes, when I have a spare moment, I'll just browse the aisles of Staples, just looking at the fun little pens and sticky notes. Calgary has a fantastic store called Reid's Stationers that is absolutely delightful. I could spend hours browsing through the notebooks and greeting cards and drooling over the really expensive pens.

I went to a lot of stores on my recent trip to Toronto, but I'm pretty sure these fun little items came from a store called the Papery on Queen Street West. They had bin after bin of these wonderful little Japanese creations. Most of these went to my daughter, but I kept the mushroom shaped page markers for myself. A girl's gotta have some cute to keep the textbook reading interesting. The little guy with the blue hat is a pencil sharpener and the other mushroom is a tape dispenser. The little white container holds the teeniest little pencils. I could have bought so many other things in that store. I didn't even consider buying paper. It would have been just too crazy.

These bunnies just insisted on coming home with me too. They jumped into my basket and we were off. I think we'll use them with some string to hang some photos on Lizzie's wall.

I taught Lizzie how to knit and crochet last year and she's been working at it sporadically. She knits like crazy for a while, then doesn't touch it for months. I thought these little sheep would encourage her to keep going. If not, I have no problem adding them to my knitting needle collection.

I found this little bird in a charming shop also on Queen Street. I can't even speculate on the name of the store anymore. It's just a blur of wonderment and delight in my memories, somewhat like the view from a carousel. I just loved the "imperfectness" of him, with his chips & cracks. He, along with a 3" high model of the Eiffel Tour, has moved in on one my shelves in my office area. his name is Jeffrey (yes, I'm one of those crazy folks that name my possessions).


Tara said...

It is wonderful when small treasures can make us happy!

clarabelle said...

OMG I love stationery too! The smell, and all the nice colours. It is the small things in life. Thanks for your comments by the way - I will of course take my trusty camera and ensure I take some photo's to share. Isn't it funny how this blogging makes you think differently - I love that!
Clare xx

MJ said...

Good for you teaching Lizzie to knit! I briefly learned to knit as a child and haven't been bit by the bug yet so it isn't likely that K and N will learn this skill from me!

Cottage Contessa said...

What lovely things! I love little knick knacks and pretty stationary too!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Liz said...

I love Jeffrey! And I name my things too.