Sunday, February 3, 2008

She's just a sk8ter girl

This is my lovely daughter all dolled up for the big skating competition yesterday. She did very well, no medals, but she skated her very best which is what we think is the most important. I took videos of the events, but I won't bore you with them here. Also, my hands were a little shaky and I might make people seasick.

Her look is "ballerina chic". She has some other beautiful dresses, but this is what she chose to wear. You can't see the rhinestones decorating the neckline in this photo. It's a bit skimpy for my normal taste, but she looked quite lovely. In the end, it was too cold on the ice, so she wore a pink and black leopard print sweater over top.

It's taken me three years, but I think I'm finally becoming a skater mom. I've mastered hair thanks to the internet. I'd like to be a bit more creative. Some of the girls have such elaborate dos but little E likes a more simple look. Maybe for next competition. I found out the trick is lots of gel, hairspray and bobby pins.

The makeup was a big hit for her. I thought it was a bit much at first, but compared to some other girls, she looked pretty normal. I'm never sure what is over the top. I know that dancers and skaters need to "shine" on the ice, but, honestly, there were some baby hookers there yesterday. (Sorry if I offend any skater or dancer moms out there).

This photo is for Saucy, who I believe has a thing for dragonflies. Daddy brought them back from a business trip. Daddies are great that way.

She was pretty glad to get home and take out the hair pins. It was a fun day but I think a combination of nervousness and excitement wear a little one out. It was a mother-daughter road trip, because daddy had to work. The girls had fun playing "the alphabet" game and having lunch and frozen yogurt together. We missed dad though.

Look what bloomed. My question is, what now? Do I just throw the whole thing out once the blooms die?


the fan said...

Awww...she is so pretty in her costume! And I'm GLAD you are so aware of the 'proper' make-up...saucy teaches a pre-teen class called "Paris Who???" for that very reason (and others!) I'm very impressed that you are teaching good values! Goodness, do I SOUND like a Grandma???

MJ said...

Your daughter looked great! I join you in the "let's keep little girls little" camp!