Monday, February 4, 2008

Introducing my family

It took me about a week after starting this blog to confess to my husband what I was doing. I was exactly hiding anything from here. It was more that I thought he'd tease me mercilessly for jumping on the 'blog'wagon. In the end, it was no big deal, as long as I promised to maintain our privacy by not using our names or posting pictures of him without his consent. I first planned to use our initials, but it seems a bit impersonal. So I gave my family the choice of their own aliases. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to...

Javier. I'm not really sure where this name came from other than we both love Spain (our honeymoon was there). As you can see from this picture, he is dark and handsome with an affinity for small, furry feline animals. What you can't see here is how tall he is and how kind and funny and charming he is. This picture was drawn about 4 years ago by our daughter at age 5. It now hangs on my craft room wall.

Lizzie or little Lizzie. This was her choice for a name, and I think it suits her quite well. You'll see plenty more of her and all her various activities, so I won't say too much for now.

Me (crow's feet and all). I don't plan to refer to myself in the third person very often, but I guess I need a name too. I'm having difficulty coming up with one, so I'd like your assistance readers. A couple of suggestions have been Lolita or Lola, but I'm not convinced. To help you out, here are a few random things about me...
  • I love rabbits. We had a population of domestic rabbits in our old Calgary neighbourhood and I used to look like an idiot trying to catch the little baby bunnies. I miss them.
  • I am completely addicted to caffeine. I've been trying to cut back, but have not been completely successful. I need my coffee or I'm just not happy.
  • I didn't figure out what I wanted to do "when I grew up" until I was already grown up, but now I know I want to be a nurse more than anything.
  • Every cupboard in my kitchen is organized by type, size, and colour, except for my pantry, which I can't seem to keep tidy. I think I may be slightly obsessive-compulsive.
  • I cannot sit and watch television without having something to do. I'm a great multi-tasker.
  • I love tulips. I made my wedding bouquet with tulips from the local market.
So there you have it. Me in a very small nutshell. Tell me what you think.


Firefly Hill said...

I found you through The Handmade Dress...I think you look lovely with your "crows feet"! And your daughter looks darling in her skating costume--so sweet and very professional!


Florence said...

What crows feet?!

I can't think of a suitable name from the description that you left of yourself...but I quite like the word 'nutshell' that you used at the end of your post, as a possiblity!

I love your descriptions of your husband and daughter and their lovely pictures!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog the other day - so sorry to hear that you had a bad day. Wishing you a lovely weekend. x

MJ said...

I quite like Oliver Rain or some derivative thereof (ie: Ollie) if you are determined to find a name for yourself. MJ is my initials and, oddly enough, my signoff on emails since who knows when so it just seems natural to me...

Aunty Ducky, apparently said...

"Javier" ... that cracks me up. And to hear you find him kind and funny and charming --- what else can a sister hope for her giant little brother?