Thursday, January 24, 2008

Why I love my kitties

I'm never alone for studying or naps (or cooking, reading, watching tv, showering, etc)

The seat of my desk chair is always warm, at all times!
They never complain about the dinner I serve, only if they don't get it in time--LOUDLY
A ray of sunshine never goes unenjoyed (is that even a word?)
They are highly talented, entertaining and make me laugh all the time. I swear my Ollie can open doors by himself and I'm pretty sure Rain was trying to push me out of bed the other morning.

They purr. I really wish I could take a picture of a purr. It's one of my favourite sounds in the world.

I love them so much I almost don't mind this...

or this...


Saucy said...

No wonder you're pouting. I knew that cat post would get me in trouble. I don't know why, they just irritate me. I think it all boils down to my allergies. We can agree on puppies, though! How do you feel about birds?

MJ said...

I used to quite like cats until the tomcat. It really wasn't the tomcat's complete responsibility: I lived in the landlord's basement and, upon the tomcat's 6 month birthday, the landlord refused to keep it upstairs with the landlord. Instead, the cat was tossed into the basement and/or outside. The tomcat howled at being abandoned every night for weeks (which affected my sleep as I now had a basement "guest".) Then, in the spring/summer, it scrached at my windows & howled to let in during nights. I was annoyed with the landlord for his treatment of the cat! Plus I was annoyed by the noise which disrupted my sleep!