Friday, January 25, 2008


I think we're in the middle of the January blahs. The snow is staying around. It's cold outside. Our skin is dry. I hate all my winter clothes (yuk). I like to think that I can wait until at least February to start longing for spring, but my thoughts are already there.

But wait a minute, look what I saw when I took E to school this morning. I had my camera with me and had to stop a few times for some pictures. This is around the corner from my house. 

All this wintery wonderfulness. Every twig, branch, bush, and blade of grass was covered with frost. I think I might be able to last a few more weeks at least.

J and I are heading on a mini-roadtrip tomorrow to Calgary. I have many plans, including leaving J at the mall to watch a movie while I do these wonderful things...
  • Have the world's best chicken shwarma & dolmades at Tazza
  • Buy some luscious yarn at Pudding Yarn or Make One to finish testing Alicia's beret
  • Visit the magazine store to see if they still have copies of Marie Claire Idees (fingers crossed)
  • Browse the truly delightful Reid's Stationers (sigh)
  • Find some new mittens for E at MEC (she wore through here playing in the snow
  • Use my gift certificate at William Sonoma to buy something wonderful, maybe this or perhaps one of these? who knows?
  • Oh, and I have to find away to stop here...thanks to Saucy
Do you think I can do it all in less than 2 hours?

We also have plans to eat dinner out, maybe at our favourite diner. We used to live 5 minutes away from here when were in Calgary. Best meatloaf ever! Plus, we get to stay in a hotel. I just love staying in hotels. I don't have to do anything!!

Three cheers for mini-breaks! 


March said...

good pictures!

little dresses said...

Oh... the trees are beautiful! If I could see that 1 hour away from my house, I think I would be tempted to drive there every day! Just beautiful! Have fun at the yarn shop hun.

MJ said...

Lucky you going on your mini-break! My kiddos aren't travellors otherwise we'd meet you in C.!

Florence said...

I hope you have a fantastic time in Calgary (know what you mean about hotels - it sounds perfect!).

Love your photos of the snow - we have none here, so I'm very envious.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. x