Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas throughout the years

And a tree is up!

Actually this is one of two trees.

This year we (I) stepped our of our (my) comfort zone and purchased a multi-coloured LED Christmas tree. I'm normally a white light kind of girl all the way. There was a lot of debating around here as we could decide between an 9' tree or two 7.5'. The two smaller trees won out as the 9' one was just too wide. And this tree was just so lovely. And maybe a bit retro.

We have made this tree our family tree, filled with our yearly ornament, plus a few others to fill in the spaces.

Each year we try to purchase or make an ornament that signifies something that we did or something that happened in the previous year.

One of Javier's first ornaments as a bachelor.

Lizzie's first Christmas and my first as a mom. My mom bought us this ornament.

Lizzie was just 1 that year and it was just the two of us living in a tiny little apartment in Vancouver. We went walking in Stanley Park Christmas Day.

Our first year as a family.

This is the first ornament that Javier & Lizzie bought together.
We didn't go to Disney but we spent lots of time at the Disney store!

Our first trip to Hawaii at Christmas. Lizzie was so little.
We also got married that year.

We painted pottery this year with some wonderful new friends.
Everyone made keepsake ornaments.

Not a handmade ornament. I was consumed with school work and the yearly ornament almost got forgotten. I hastily embroidered the year on a purchased one. There was a worn out mama in the house that year.

The height of Lizzie's obsession with horses. She still loves them.

Our second trip to Hawaii. The hula dancer gingerbread man says it all.

The handmade Christmas. I was pretty crafty that year.

Our first trip to Seattle. It rained a lot but we fell in love with the city.

We took a fabulous two week camping trip.
We decorated our campsite with flamingos.

Sand & pearls. We took a family trip to Hawaii just
before Christmas (yes, we are that spoiled.)
Javier's Grandma Pearl passed away that Fall.

An extremely blessed Lizzie attended SeaCamp in July (touched an octopus while there) & went to her first concert (we think the legs look a bit like Katy Perry's hair)

And our tree at night. So pretty.


MJ said...

Ornaments make such wonderful memory provokers, don't they? I love to pick up an ornament on each trip I take & then reminisce as I hang them on the tree too!

led christmas tree said...

These decorations are far superior to mine >.< we've had pretty much the same set in our house since I was born. In dire need of an update methinks, great blog by the way!

sassy said...

nice trip-what great memories!

Saucy said...

My favourite one, hands down, is the hula dancing gingerbread man... he is so sassy. Happy New Year, friend!