Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who wore it best?

I dedicate the following post to my beloved Javier.

It all started with a dream. Specifically, Javier's dream...


Javier saw this picture online recently. His first thought, after "wow, Christie Brinkley is smokin'" (of course), was "I think my wife would look hot in a dress like that". Bless his heart. He found out the designer and stored the info away in his brain in case we ever had an occasion to find the dress.

His excitement was palpable when we realized that there was a Herve Leger store in Las Vegas. The man dragged me in and forced me into the dress. Okay, that's a little overstatement. You never have to force me into shopping and trying on clothes. Still he was very excited. I love that!

The red dress. It looked okay. Not my best colour. We tried on a few others. Really, I was just humouring him at this point. Until I tried this sparkly work of art.

Wowzah! Herve Leger makes these incredible bandage dresses that just suck everything in. I'm my own best (or worst) critic (as so many of us are) and even I thought I looked pretty good. Javier readily agreed. Still I thought it was just play-time.

Then, Javier decided to buy it. "It is an investment," he said. "Okay" I said, "but it will cut into our travel budget". "Yeah, okay, just buy the dress", he said. I think there was drooling involved, by this point.

Are you ready?

A little teaser. Getting ready for a gala dinner in Vegas that night.

The dress, needless to say, required special treatment. New shoes were purchased and I had to go to Sephora for a lot of help with my makeup, specifically the eyes. They did a fabulous job and I wish I had a close up of my eyes because they have never looked better. I hardly recognized myself. If you are ever at Sephora at the Miracle Mile, ask for Myriah. She was wonderful.

We had to look online for shoe advice. Turns out Herve Leger is pretty popular with celebrities.

And lo and behold, my dress even made it to the red carpet!

Okay no more teasing. Here's me.

Javier's favourite view. Hubba hubba.

I had a little eye candy of my own that night. I'm sure my smile was a mile wide that night. I don't think I've ever felt as beautiful or as glamourous as I felt that night. I swear I could have walked the red carpet myself. It's amazing what a little designer fashion can do for a girl's self esteem.

And I did a lot of laughing that night. I have so much fun with this man. Plus I kind of like him too!

I even thought I looked pretty 'hawt' at the end of the night after countless glasses of wine and abandoning the heels for flip flops. I like the scary, half-drunk eyes in this photo.

I think I want to be buried in that dress. I felt that amazing in it.

So tell me, who do you think wore it best?

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MJ said...

You definitely challenge Jennifer Hudson as a model for that dress! It's a great dress and you wear it maaaavelously!