Saturday, September 10, 2011

Las Vegas with a little Sonoma on the side

I'm sorry it's been so long so my last post but we were travelling.

This is us bundled up at the airport in Medicine Hat.
It was cold and rainy that day!

We had a conference to attend in Vegas so we tacked on a couple of
extra days for some R&R.

We love Vegas. Even for just a couple of days away.
It's a quick flight & a fairly inexpensive getaway.

We were looking forward to checking out some great restaurants,
laying by the pool in a private cabana, sleeping, shopping,
maybe checking out a show or two.

That is, until we realized the temperature would be above
100 degrees every single day.

Now as I said, we love Vegas, but that was too hot and we didn't want to
be cooped up in a hotel for four days, although in hindsight
I probably could have done a lot of shopping!

So...wanting to escape from the heat we looked at alternate
destinations easily accessible from Vegas.

Los Angeles? Too busy.

San Diego? Already did that this summer.

San Francisco? Too cold.

Sonoma Wine Country? Let's see. Decent weather. Great food. Lots of wine.
Never been there before. Yes, please!

We spent one night in Vegas before heading off to Sonoma,
doing a little shopping and a little gambling.

Next day I donned a cute little dress and a smirk and
we jetted off to San Francisco.

Sonoma is close to San Francisco so we rented a car and drove.

It was a tad cool and foggy in SF but it made for some cool pictures
heading over the Gold Gate Bridge.

In a mere 90 minutes we arrived in beautiful Sonoma, land of the grapes...

...and our home for the next three days.

Stay tuned for more...


MJ said...

Sounds like a wonderful retreat! Looking forward to the conclusion!

Javier said...

I can't wait to see what else we did!