Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is laundry a hobby?

Because I certainly spend a lot of time working on it. I can't even seem to get to the end of it all before a new batch piles up again.

Speaking of hobbies, I was mentioning my blog to a work friend and how to come up with post ideas. She recommended going back to my hobbies and showing you some of the projects I'm working on. Great idea, but which ones?



Decorating? You are looking at five years' worth of Canadian House and Home, Style at Home, Better Homes and Garden, House Beautiful, Living Etc...and many others. I've got all this inspiration and some how my house still is undecorated. Maybe less time reading about decorating and more time doing? Perhaps, hoarding might be an issue too.


Miniatures? No progress there lately.



or maybe some crochet?

Jeez louise (sorry for the strong language, but I've just got too many interest. I guess that's why I don't have time for learning photography, painting, gardening, visiting with friends.

But I do have lots of inspiration.

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MJ said...

If laundry if a hobby, hoarding of supplies (for crafting, decorating, etc) is a hobby too! You have eons of hobbies to write about!