Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bringing back the Fire

Witness the hot, sweaty, makeup free me.

Very few people get to see me this way outside my family.

And now I will have to kill you. (ha ha ha)

I'm getting back into workout mode after taking a week off. I've been dragging my butt around in a wheelbarrow for the past few weeks, feeling so, so tired. So when I read an article about over training I decided that's what was going on. Possibly not true, but I needed an excuse, and quite truthfully it's been pretty busy around here with running to skating practice and extra events, plus someone's birthday has been pretty big!

I started back today with a 30-minute TurboFire workout after a week of doing nothing. Exercise related, that is, because I'm never, never doing nothing. And it was hard. But it feels good now.

I've got to say, this healthy living stuff is time-consuming. I spend 40 minutes working out, then 2 hours planning my healthy meals for the week. And I haven't even gone shopping yet.

And this is what I do on my day off. The week has yet to begin!

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