Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still here and still obsessed

This dollhouse stuff is a sickness I tell you. However, it is a sickness for which I want no cure. I love my minis and it appears that there are many others out there in blog world who are similarly afflicted.

Construction on the house has been temporarily halted as the contractor works on some furniture.

The couch. Admittedly it's pretty crude but I'm hoping that some upholstery will help. It's not quite the style of couch I imagined for this house, but what can I do?

I'm happier with the way this bench turned out. It was originally planned for the living room, but I think it's home will be on the from veranda. Everything still needs a coat of paint of course.

Now the bed is very crude but I was going for a very simple structure that will be covered with bedding, so it didn't really matter too much. I love how the mattress turned out, but I think the pillows need to be a bit smaller. Of course, maybe the dollhouse folk like huge pillows.

The following items may just be my favourite minis EVER! Note, I did not make these.

A miniature French coffee press for the doll-household coffee addict. Would making a coffee cozy be absolutely ridiculous?

And check out this perfection!

A one-twelfth scale espresso machine. I have a new project that this will fit perfectly into. More on that later.


MJ said...

K & N have their Madeline dollhouse now & it is mostly furnished. I'll be introducing the "details" this upcoming Xmas (ie: cookware, dinnerware & utensils, bath stuff, livingroom details). The odd thing was that they didn't perceive the dollhouse furniture as "toys" but as "accessories" & moped that Santa didn't bring them any toys!!

Here's hoping Santa will bring some new minis for you this Xmas!!

Saucy said...

The espresso machine is to die for. I am so coveting it... did you make it or get it on Etsy?

Anonymous said...


Melanie/Bridget Sye said...

I love your whole blog!!!! The mini world is so cool and it's not exactly a BAD THING to be obsessed about, is it?

Jack said...

oops !