Saturday, March 20, 2010

Call of the wild

Hey Bloggers. Today I (Lizzy) am going to do a post.

The Nutkins moved out to the forest today. It's just so
happens that it's a chilly day out today. Poor Nutkins!

This is their house. They decided to live in a trailer for
a little bit instead of immediately moving out. I think
it's for the kids.

This is the big happy family in their new home. The
little squirrels are named Charlotte and Charley.
Now aren't they cute!
This is the inside of the house. It isn't finished yet. Mr.
and Mrs. Nutkin need to buy matresses and paint, maybe
a little less wood.... Most of their furniture is bought at
Squirrel Outfitters.

Here is their cupboard/fridge. They prefer to call it a
fridge, I'm not sure why though. All the things they eat
are dry, nuts and seeds.

Well that's the Nutkin's house. BYE!!


Shana said...

Hey, that is a great looking squirrel trailer! Nicely done : )

KleinsteMotte said...

You have a cute little setup.