Sunday, December 27, 2009


A hip new coffee joint that just opened up in town...The Oliver Rain Cafe.

Please be patient with the barista. We'll be happy to prepare your espresso beverage, though we can't guarantee that it will taste any good. The learning curve is steep. The steamer will heat milk for a delightful hot chocolate however. We have mastered that skill.

It's a wonderfully relaxing place. You can play games.

Occasionally the house musician will play the guitar, or so we hope once he masters a few more cords.

There's also an in-house artist. All art is for sale.

We already have a few regulars. These kool krazy kats are ALWAYS around.

But they never get any coffee. Get a job you lazy bums.

Care to stop by for a cuppa sometime?


Jodi Anderson said...

I will take an Americano, please!

clarabelle said...

Nice - we got one for our Christmas too... cappuccino's all round

Debachu said...

Ah, I would have loved an easel at your young artist's age ... I expect to see the result of her coloured brow soon.

Madge said...

will be right over!

sassy studio said...

do you deliver? I'd like a hot chocolate and a cat please.