Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Welcome to my Halloween-ey home.

Don't mind those blackbirds. They're just keeping an eye on the place.

I've been planning my Halloween decorating since August. My favourite find is the green glitter skull. I have been collecting clear glass candlesticks for a while and I spray painted some  urns black.

On the table we have jars of eyeballs & skulls. We've got quite the collection.

We also seem to be infested with spiders. Don't owls eat spiders?

Another glittery skull, a tombstone, & my zombie jar from Sweet Sassy.

And another crow to watch over me as I do the dishes.

I'm having so much fun and it's been difficult to exercise restraint. Javier reminds me that we are still trying to sell our house and we don't want to SCARE potential buyers.


Jillian said...

The feather wreath is great! Did you make it? Love the spray painted urns. Creative use!

MJ said...

LOL! Great point, Javier! Perhaps you should start dressing like Morticia to further discourage the potential purchasers?

Saucy said...

I have the same little tombstone! I want to pick up some more of them at Micheals with my coupons.

Realistically, I have yet to put up a Halloween decoration yet. This week, for sure. The Fan will help. Yours look fantastic!