Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday surprises

Look at what Le Creuset just added to their line of gourmet cookware.

Oh Rain, you're so silly.

I got completely spoiled this year (as if I don't every other time!). The Le Creuset fairy came to visit for my birthday.

Loving the blue of this Dutch oven. The colour is Caribbean and I feel like I have a bit of the sky cooking in my oven.

Plus a matching mortar and pestle set. I've wanted one of these for years.

And a much needed spoon rest beside my stove. No more messy counter for me.

This gorgeous covered casserole dish is eagerly waiting for its first lasagna. Also from Le Creuset of course (told you I was spoiled)

My little Lizzie saved her money and bought me this heart pendant with a tiny emerald (my birthstone). I've worn it everyday since she gave it to me. It means so much to me.

A new bunny came to live with us as well on my birthday. I adore the wicker take on the traditional garden rabbit.

Are you jealous Ollie?


MJ said...

Happy belated birthday! You did well for your birthday!

Saucy said...

Happy Birthday! The necklace is beyond sweet. You will keep it forever, no matter what. And ditto on the cookware ;)

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh yeah, that WAS a wonderfully delightful birthday! ... so MUCH love, love, love!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Spoiled indeed; I'm jealous and I don't even cook...The necklace is such a lovely gesture from your girl.

Happy birthday [still :D]!