Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling a little 'wolfish'

Do I brag about my child too much?

Well, tough bunnies...she's amazing and I just can't help sharing.

This diorama was Lizzie's spring break project which she started AND completed on the first day of holidays on Good Friday. She was inspired after remembering a similar large scale wolf habitat model she completed with her class in Grade 1. 

Lizzie made everything herself with the help of one of the school project landscape kits from Michaels. The cave is a piece of floral foam that she discovered in my stash, carved and painted. Doesn't it look great.

The little wolves were sculpted out of Sculpee. What a good daddy wolf for bringing home dinner to his family. Javier suggested that it was "bunny meat", but I don't know how any wolf could be so cruel.

Mama wolf looks on hungrily as she waits for her share of dinner. See the little wolf puppy between her front paws. Mama wolves need lots of food to care for their babies.

Thanks for indulging my Mama pride.


3rdEyeMuse said...

easy to indulge a proud mama when she's bragging on such a brilliant child!!

MJ said...

Can't say that Lizzie's not busy! Between soup-making and project creating, her recent break from school must have been over in a flash!

Saucy said...

Those are amazing! Save-worthy. Maybe not the whole diorama, because of space, but pluck those cute wolves off the box and save them FOREVER! And then some.

sassy studio said...

I can see it now a wlf charm bracelet with meat chunks! A+ from this teacher Lizzie!

Anonymous said...