Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little things for a new little house on the block

I finally broke down and ordered a new dollhouse kit. Meet Arthur.

Pretty, no? This is the picture off the Greenleaf website. I'm thinking my personal Arthur will be yellow with white trim and probably a pretty red door. I haven't starting construction yet as I still have the cottage to finish, which will probably be going to the thrift store when complete, as I don't think Javier will let me have more than one dollhouse around here.

My mind is already reeling with possible decor ideas. I'm definitely going to add lighting as well as some wood floors and tiling. I'm already working on some of the interior decor.

This will be the living room rug, although there is a possibility I will go blind staring at a 28 count embroidery canvas. 

These are some cushion covers I embroidered as well as a crocheted afghan. My goal is to make most of the dollhouse accessories. We'll see.

And just for kicks, here's a picture of my slightly grumpy, chilly Oliver wrapped up in my blanket.


3rdEyeMuse said...

your accessories are absolutely wonderful!

... ok, so is slightly grumpy Oliver. :)

MJ said...

I love your new house!

Don't you have magnifying lenses for when you do embroidery? I work on linen that is at a minimum 28 count and I prefer working with the lenses!

Shana said...

In my recent cleaning frenzy, including closet dumping, I found a box of my departed mother-in-law's dollhouse furniture that I never did let my daughter use because I was worried about it being fragile and wanted to preserve it for when she got older. And now she's 10 and not so into dollhouses and the furniture never got displayed. Maybe I should set up a little house of my own : )

Saucy said...

When I see a cute house like that I really want to work on mine (paint it) and then we get into horrible family squabbles around here (as much as that ever happens) about whether to paint or not. Although my house is nowhere near finished after 15 or so years it is pretty enticing to see those nice kits for sale.

Where are the photos from your meetup with MJ? I am so sorry that I missed out. As I said on her blog, BUMMER!