Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th happenings

It's a strange day. 

First of all, while I am very very tired, I actually enjoyed my full day workshop today. It was a busy day, but I learned a whole lot about Pediatric emergencies. And I'm not grumpy (will wonders never cease?).

And then, when Lizzie and I were at Safeway buying things for dinner, I saw a lady that I worked with as a student who I haven't seen for more than 2 years. She was (and probably is) an incredible nurse who was very inspiring. She works in the community, so she's rarely at the hospital. She lent me a DVD, which I'm ashamed to say, still had, until I recently decided to carry around in my purse, so I would be reminded to give to her. And there she was at Safeway. So she got her DVD back. And we are going for coffee too. I like reconnecting with nice people. I think the DVD might have been a talisman of sorts.

Lastly, and this is by far the weirdest thing, Lizzie asked me today why I never made that "thick vegetable soup anymore". We went through a list of different soups I've made and we decided she was talking about butternut squash soup.  My child likes butternut squash soup??? and she's asking for it??? Very weird. But in a good way, I guess.

I'd better stay home. I just don't know what else can happen.


3rdEyeMuse said...

sounds like a lovely and most serendipitous Friday the 13th.

three cheers!

A New England Life said...

Where is the recipe for the soup? I want some soup! I think I've only ever had one Butternut Squash soup I actually liked.

Good for you in making a connection with a long lost friend. Those sort of things can be so refreshing : )

Saucy said...

Thick vegetable soup! Funny kid. Buddy asked for "barbeque pudding" and had The Fan and I scratching our heads for days. Turns out it was tapioca, but my mother would make it in the winter and set it outside to cool faster - in the barbeque so the birds couldn't get it! Barbeque pudding!

Not as good for you as Thick Vegetable Soup!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

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