Saturday, February 7, 2009

38/365 Are you jealous?

I have something to show you. Are you ready? 

You'll be jealous.

Look at all this snow we have! Can you believe it? 
All lovely and dirty.

Mmmm, icy. I slip every time I leave the house. 

And look at the embellishment it gives my car. Hello car wash.

But at least the sky is lovely and blue. 


A New England Life said...

Jealous? Well I don't know about that. We have plenty of our own! Hope you are enjoying some nice temperatures like we are. It's supposed to be up around 50 degrees today! Thank goodness.

My husband is such a sweetie, he washed my car for me yesterday. Gotta love him.

sassy studio said...

Hey don't forget the muddy salt splashes up the back of your legs! I love the melt,not the mess! Now that yur test is done are you interested in another commision project? The Sprout just lurrrves these...imagine them with a little jingle or rattle inside! What do you think? He's not picky about colours! xox Sassy and Sprout

sassy studio said... this addie would help...they are knit donuts!

Anonymous said...

My car looked much the same after our three weeks of snow here!