Thursday, February 5, 2009

36/365 Doubt

The exam is done. Now the 6 to 8 week period of waiting, self-doubt, second-guessing, wailing, and impatience has begun. My poor family.

The people who create the exam are SADISTS, pure and simple. I could have studied 24 hours a day for year, or taken a 3 1/2 year nursing program (oh wait I did do that), and still have NO idea how to answer most of the questions. The exam didn't test knowledge as much as it tested how you can figure out what answer the exam is looking for. Hint: it's not always the one you would do in real life. Ughhhhh!

Everyone is saying, oh, you'll be fine, but I REALLY don't know that...feeling a bit crazy right now. Oh, my poor family for having to deal with me for the next few months.

I'm distracting myself by making miles of crocheted lace.

Oliver is distracting himself by practicing yoga poses. He calls this 'downward cat'. Note the precision at having both head and legs dangling over the edges of the chair without even interrupting his sleep.


clarabelle said...

With a minor fear of cramp - I will keep everything crossed for you (and your family). I LOVE the last picture of YOGA cat - it looks so precise and on purpose with his little feet perfectly together (can we see his toes pointed?? lol)
Take Care
Clare xx

Shana said...

Working on a craft is the best way to pass the time. That and reorganizing your closets and drawers.

I had to pass a state certification test for court reporting. The test is a five-minute skills test. Two voice Q&A dictation for five minutes at 200 words per minute. You either get it or you don't. One shot every six months. Took me two years to pass it even though I could totally do 200 wpm in practice or at home.

Test taking anxiety, much?

I'm glad it's behind you now. And yes, the waiting is the hardest part. But there's nothing you can do but... wait. And crochet. I'll continue to send test-passing vibes your way : )

3rdEyeMuse said...

Since (I know) you did your best & there is nothing that you can possibly do now to change what you've done, may I suggest a few deep breaths & some major creative distraction?!? (yes, miles of lace counts!) :) will be sending good vibes of test passing excellence & hopes that the good results come sooner than anticipated.

Jillian said...

I love your handmade lace! What a lost art. I came across some vintage handmade lace at my Mother in laws last summer and was in awe at how beautiful it was. I thought "No one does this anymore" ....but I'm so glad to see you can! Fabulous!

And you know what, you probably did better than you think on the test! And if you didn't you will have learned something from it.


Hope that helped!


MJ said...

Yup, familiar with the waiting process too. Distract yourself with your crafts and see if you can outdo your cat in cat yoga poses!

sassy studio said...

namaste! i love your yoga cat....and the lace. I know you'll do great. McDreamyhad to take some sort of test recently too, it was a 24 hour exam.....(he did it in much less with no texts and got a silly high mark)

A New England Life said...

I wish you well on your test. All you can do it wait. Hopefully it will all turn out in your favor : )

I thought Oliver was a piece of fabric at first! LOL! What is that cat thinking??? He's awesome!


Full of Heart said...

That's exactly how the NCLEX was for us US nurses. It was TERRIBLE! And it made it worse when everyone kept saying they knew I passed, it made me realize how terrible I'd have felt if I didn't!!